I work with only a small number of families so that I can offer undivided attention to each. My practice is an extension of my career as a teacher, where I focus on the needs of each individual child and family with the goal of establishing a personal relationship and maximizing the child’s potential. As many parents have noted, I become “part of the family.”

I meet with you in my home office or travel [US and worldwide] to meet with you in your home. While either location is satisfactory, I must say that I do like seeing folks in their natural habitat so that I can get a sense of the family and their environment as a whole.

I like to meet with your whole family, first speaking separately with the child and then the parents, and then together. I want to get to know each family member – siblings too, if it’s convenient – in a personal way, and talk about the desires and hopes of each so that I can help get everybody onto the same page as we make crucial decisions about the future. The initial meeting usually takes around two hours. Though in unusual circumstances I can make recommendations without first meeting with the family, it is important that a meeting take place subsequent to the placement.

My fee for the initial meeting and analysis is $500, which is due at that time. If we are on the same page about your child and his or her needs after the meeting, I will ask if you want to work with me. If you choose not to, or want to think it over for a time, that is quite acceptable to me. If you do choose to go forward with my services, we begin work immediately and the initial $500 payment will count toward the total fee, which is due at that time. My fees are detailed in my contract, found on the Legal Department page. I accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

I will ask you to complete some forms [also found on the Legal Department page] and to give me a copy of appropriate testing [achievement, IQ, SAT, psychological, learning differences] along with report cards/transcripts and other records from the past three years. Also welcome are reports from teachers, therapists if any, and/or direct conversations with them.

If you and I agree that testing, or further testing, would be useful or necessary, I can arrange it with a tester in Phoenix during your visit. The testers I work with read, see into and understand the emotional and academic needs of kids very well. I can also work with a tester of your choice near home. If you don't know of one, I can use my resources to find a good one. I am happy to listen to/sit in on the consultation between you and the tester.

After reviewing all of the information and minutes from our family meeting, I will contact the schools or programs where I have had successful placements and which I think are appropriate. If they agree and have space, I will give you their names and websites, and ask them to contact you and send you their brochures and applications. I will help with questions about the applications, travel and setting up visits, and any other way that you might need assistance. I will also assign you a Mentor, a volunteer family I have worked with, who can be of great support as you move through this anxious time.

Your job is to consider my recommendations through browsing websites, making phone calls and/or visits – I want to hear your thoughts about each - until you feel comfortable about making a decision. Then we will confer about your final choice, you fill out the application, and enroll your child. If necessary, I will give you the names of escorts for you to arrange transportation to the program.

Once placement is completed, I follow the progress of the child by receiving reports and phone calls from the program therapist, and through email/phone calls with you. From the time you sign on until the time your child completes the placement, I am available to you ANYTIME, or, in almost every case, the same day you contact me. We work to make sure that meds, if any, are coordinated with the program psychiatrist, and I keep your family health practitioner[s] up to date on your child’s progress.

You will work with ME personally, not an associate, or even a secretary [well, you might get my wife Holly, a labor and delivery nurse, who will deliver your message]. If you put your hand on the phone and hesitate because you are afraid of bothering me, I will be sad.

Finally, be aware that I work only for you and your family, not for PROGRAMS. To make sure that you have the widest choice possible, I do not accept fees FROM INSTITUTIONS. My only payment comes from you.

Once you take me on, I am yours 24/7 through your child's completion of the placement and beyond.

I receive the setting's verbal and written reports, stay in touch with you, and continue to support you through the changes in your and your family's life.


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5% of fees are donated to The Verde Valley Sanctuary, a safe house for victims of domestic violence. It is a haven where families stay safe and explore their options with staff, so that they can make informed decisions about their future. Learn more under Legal Department.